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    Carmen Helena Téllez

    Carmen Helena Tellez “An orchestral conductor with quality and drive.”
    Montsalvat, Barcelona

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    "(The ensemble) handled its responsibilities with great effectiveness, with tonal beauty, with emotional fervor, thanks to Téllez' sensitive leadership."
    --Bloomington Herald-Times

    "Téllez was firmly in charge... A highly emotional and sharply edged reading."
    --The Herald-Times, Bloomington

    "An orchestral conductor with quality and drive."
    --Montsalvat, Barcelona

    "A sold-out Spaulding Auditorium proved the great expectations weighing upon the performers of the oratorio, Elijah. The dramatic interpretation by Téllez made Elijah a formidable evening of musical virtuosity. Masterful on the podium, Téllez provided powerful timing through the recitatives and fluid control of the orchestra and chorus. The chorus, soloists and orchestra were seamlessly integrated."
    --The Dartmouth Hanover

    "Her intelligence, study, passion and musicality communicated themselves to the large forces involved. She kept the entire enterprise under fine control; her overall vision and her attention to detail made this lengthy baroque oratorio (Athalia) seem to fly by on the swiftest of wings. I can recall few more satisfying evenings of music in recent years."
    --The Valley News, Vermont

    "At a certain point, cues must give way to a conductor's innate talent for organization and imagination, and Carmen Téllez handled the assignment deftly."
    --The Herald-Telephone, Bloomington

    "Carmen Helena Téllez gave us a lively and fluent version (of Athalia), balancing the sonorities of the small orchestral ensemble, the chorus and the soloists . . . The conductor, surrounded by the rest of the performers, received long applauses from the audience . . . a musician whose music making as a conductor merits the highest praise."
    --Josef Gingold, Distinguished Professor Emeritus, Indiana University School of Music

    "She has the skill and the experience, the authority, the smoothness and the flexibility required for her profession. . . She conducted the performance of Eugene Onegin that I have been directing in the most impecable and inspired way."
    --Nicola Rossi-Lemeni, Professor of Voice and Opera Direction, Indiana University School of Music

    "She deserves much credit for the success of last Saturday's performance (of Eugene Onegin). She brought Tchaikovsky's difficult score to life."
    --The Herald Telephone, Bloomington

    "The professionalism of the conductor was evident from the first note, as well as her control . . . as she unified all the members of the chorus into a single instrument."
    --Por Dentro (Casals International Festival), Puerto Rico

    "Carmen Heléna Téllez grasped the spirit of the work with great musicality. . . The new conductor offered a vital version, with a spirited interpretive pulse."
    --Ritmo, Madrid

    "The musical performance (of La Historia Tropical) deserves special
    mention. The music, with its emphasis on rhythmic combinations, became a genuine success."
    --El Diario, Caracas

    "Carmen Téllez did an outstanding job."
    --The Herald Telephone (on L'Histoire du Soldat)

    "Venezuelan conductor triumphs in the Casals Festival. Venezuela conductor Carmen Heléna Téllez has become one of the principal figures at the Pablo Casals International Music Festival. She has attracted enormous attention in Puerto Rico since her outstanding performance as conductor of the Coro Nacional de España"
    --EFE-El Nacional, Caracas

    "Carmen Heléna Téllez conducted (Mozart's Symphony k.16a) with subtlety and great precision. Her performance of Haydn's Symphony No.104 constituted another interpretive success."
    --El Mundo, Caracas