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    Cary Boyce

    “Fluent and creative.”
    —Washington Post

    “A formidable composer whose technique and lyric gifts are exceptional.”
    —John Corigliano, Composer

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    “Fluent and creative.”
    —Washington Post

    “A formidable composer whose technique and lyric gifts are exceptional.”
    —John Corigliano, Composer, New York

    "Dreams within a Dream, Boyce's new oratorio commissioned and performed by the Bloomington Chamber Singers honest, inspired, and deftly crafted work, one of scope; of carefully designed, satisfaying, back-and-forth shifts from tension to relief; of musical elements fitting poetic content; of artistic worth."
    —Bloomington Herald-Times

    "...the best by far is [Boyce's] very brief but absolutely stunning Ave Maria. Boyce's lush vocal polyphony and his careful control of harmony enable this work to stand alongside the very best music in this vein."
    American Record Guide

    “Three extraordinary pieces by American composer Cary Boyce and contrast quite favorably with spiritualists/minimalists Pärt and Tavener. Noche oscura is a haunting setting of words by the Spanish monk and mystic St. John of the Cross, and its bittersweet intensity lingers long after the melody has faded. Boyce's setting of the Marian Ave Maria is as close to a masterpiece as you can come in four minutes. Nightshade is for classical music fans who know where Freddy the Freeloader comes from...Hey MacArthur folks! Give that boy a grant and some Ritalin so he can spend more time composing!”
    Sequenza 21

    “It's wonderful, clear, evocative music, all of it, and the performances are beautiful. There is a timeless flow that comes through in each work and I found myself settling in to listen … a neo-renaissance feel that clearly takes acoustic space into consideration as a compositional element. It's very striking.”
    —Libby Larsen, Composer

    “[The Ave Maria is] A stunning work, absolutely marvelous.”
    —Dale Warland, Conductor, Minneapolis

    “A brilliant musician and a world-class composer.”
    —David Baker, Distinguished Professor of Music; Jazz Department Chair, Indiana University

    “Refined, full of creativity and imagination.”
    —Mario Lavista, Composer, National Conservatory of Music, Mexico City

    "A soaring, effulgent voice all his own."

    “Tender and beautiful.”
    Sacramento Bee